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Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2004, 04:06 pm

all day ive been fuckin sneezin and shiet i cant even got o work cuz the boss says ill "infect" other people watever. . i guess im siqq or somthing....its hot as hell today and there was this one car acident like right nest to my fuckin house i hear dis was cuz of s dunk driving or some shit like that or meaybe even from getting high, peeople are so fukking stupid i was like wtf when i my friend told me this mornign.....stay straightedge!


Sat, Sep. 11th, 2004, 02:14 am

wat the fuck do i do with his problem i have cuz like im really into this girl and it feels like shes leading me on but i get htis wierd kinda feeling around her whenever were together and shit like that....but ive never fuckin felt this way about anyone n it realy fukkin sucks to be actin all pussy n shit... ..

p.s.s i wrote fsum fuckin lyrics to tell my fuckin heartach storie....

to the cor until sum girl fukkin messes
with your mind
blood drippin down your spine
hoping for tomorrows present
hoping for a decimation
hoping for some fuckin fate
just wishin for every sin

Wed, Sep. 8th, 2004, 05:30 am
everyone fuckin go to this show

man why am i still awake.... im always up i swear i have insomnia or sum shit.. anyway go to this show because all the bands are awesome i sware

September 13, 2004
animosity, all shall perish, graf orlock, with every sin, elenor violent, amaranth
at chain... $8

with every sin is soo fuckin good so please go and support!!!!

well im out peace


Sun, Sep. 5th, 2004, 10:44 pm

everything i get involved withalways fuckin ends up to be the worst shit ever...so im not gonna waste my time on hangin out with the same fuckin losers everyday....cuz alot of my buds do drugs and get drunk every fucken weekend and its klike i dont wanan deal with there shit anymore its over not like the last time assholes.. how can i be your guyss friends if ur like..never really there anyway..its like were there but its not even you....fuckkers. so im not gonna deal wtih this anymre i know it sounds bad and all to just leave a friend when they probaly need help but they are not even a friend if they expect me to babysit them and waste my time and most of the shit they say is like not even them i hate this soo fuckin much this is like one of the reasons why i turned straight edge...also cuz my dad used to hit me that fuckin drunk lard.
yeh im outta here gonna go to my friends show tonight. SUPPORT - YOUR BLOOD, MY FLOOR at the astro cafe in irvine..fuck yea they are good


Fri, Aug. 27th, 2004, 08:11 pm

fuck dude i couldnt even go to fucken odd project tonight i even skipped fuckin work then my car breaks down and shit and then chris goes without me.... whatever man some friends so i'm just sitting at home alone maybe ill sit at home and watch movies and break edge tonight.... im so depressed


......................shut thekufck up


Mon, Aug. 23rd, 2004, 07:46 am
xbitches get stitchesx

yea fuck..i lied in bed and listened to some fallen angel, samarah, fucking bound in blood! yeah im gettin real ancy....
i still cant get over the fact that katie totally fucken left for rob to go to harbor house..dickwads.. uhh my fucken mom just left me like a coupole of buxx to go take the bus to the mall..im supposed to meet some people there.. timXsonotedge! just called and he said there party got busted cuz i guess there was some fucken girl that got home drunk and i guess her parents called the cops..yeah i think she was like 15 how fucken stupid.. whuts with people these days like fucken drinking and all these drugs people never know how to control themselfs or have some fucken integrity one of thes e days, ive been edge for nearly the good half of my life and ive never had more fun and freedom with my buds ... shitt i havent slept for a fucken bullet n a half all nite die die die i fucken hate everyone right now i cant believe how stupid everyone is these days so stupid fuck them.


Mon, Aug. 23rd, 2004, 05:20 am
fuck you

ye ok so i sold out and got a lj so watever fuck you

today i went to the spectrum and saw like fuckin dave, mike, matt, ryan, chris, josh, phillip, jasmine, rob, jen, alicia, katie, christina and.......... shit i forget who else umm anyway so i almost like hooked up with katie but then like i think she likes rob!!! wtf man everytime i try to like a girl she just like leads me on and then pushes my heart right back into my fucken chest... pull the trigger already man i mean im already fucken dead/.

well i hope i can go to fallen angels last show but like i got work every fucken day this week... FUCK they are so tough though ....

so this is my livejournal uhhh add me back if u want.. k bye